Sensual Flow Travel Yoga Mat - Lavender Sladestone

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Design: Lavender Sladestone

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Your OM YA Design Travel yoga mat was developed specifically for you if you travel a lot and want to continue your yoga practice, for example while traveling. It is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry and store without taking up much space in your luggage.

Its surface is made of microfiber (recycled PET), which is particularly grippy when you sweat. Microfiber absorbs moisture effectively, meaning the mat remains non-slip, even during more intense exercise or perspiration. To enable grip before you sweat, they have a resin-based anti-slip coating. With its base made of 1mm thick natural rubber, it has a stable grip on the floor and can still be folded flexibly.

Design for your well-being

The Sensual Flow yoga mats have a base made of natural rubber. This means they have a stable, non-slip position on the floor. The surface is made of microfiber, made from recycled PET bottles. A resin-based layer gives you additional support.