Our team.

We at OM YA are still a small team of 6 people.

Our colleagues Antonia, Katalin and Ines are responsible for the handwork and devote a lot of love and care to your meditation cushions, bolsters, blankets etc. either in our studio or from home.
Our colleague Jana will take care of communication with you and will be happy to answer your questions. She takes care of yoga studios that want our equipment and retailers that want to expand their range with OM YA products.

Malte and I (Kristina) are the founders of OM YA Design and in 2018, stressed by the everyday balancing act between family and job, we scraped together our savings and created this label. We have learned a lot since then because most of what has to do with OM YA was completely new territory for us. With a lot of patience, care and, above all, personal enthusiasm, we have managed to grow from year to year.