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The color blush breathes romantic elegance into every moment and spreads a subtle, enchanting warmth. Her sensual tone conveys an aura of shyness and at the same time unobtrusive passion. Blush is like a poetic poem that caresses the senses with its delicate beauty.

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Lemon is the color that illuminates your world with radiant light and floods it with positive energy. It evokes feelings of joy and optimism, like the first rays of sunshine greeting the day. As a symbol of creativity and renewal, it reminds us that every moment has the potential for fresh ideas and new opportunities. With its lively charisma it creates an atmosphere of lightness.

Lemon Yoga Spot
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Design Yoga Half Moon Cushion - Velvet Honey
Design Yoga Half Moon Cushion - Velvet Honey Sale price€60,00 Regular price€75,00
Advanced Grip Yoga Mat - Rising Sun & Moon
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Design Yoga Bolster - Velvet Honey
Design Yoga Bolster - Velvet Honey Sale price€84,00 Regular price€105,00
Shavasana Blanket - Lemon Muslin


Forest is the color of life. It symbolizes growth, renewal and conveys a feeling of vitality. It creates a calming atmosphere and promotes inner balance. As a symbol of hope and confidence, it reminds us that in every change lies the possibility of development and new beginnings.

Forest Yoga Spot


The color Lagoon is like the endless sky that takes our dreams and desires to immeasurable distances. With its gentle nuances, it reflects the calm of the ocean and symbolizes serenity and harmony. Like a cool breeze, it caresses the soul and leaves a feeling of peace and freedom.

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Shavasana Blanket - Cream Muslin
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Design yoga pillow - Velvet Cream
Design yoga pillow - Velvet Cream Sale price€68,00 Regular price€85,00
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Design Yoga Bolster - Velvet Cream
Design Yoga Bolster - Velvet Cream Sale price€84,00 Regular price€105,00

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Beige, gray and white create a palette of simplicity and sophistication. They convey a timeless elegance that radiates peace and security. A harmonious basis that offers space for individual interpretations and stylish nuances.

Non Color Yoga Spot


Lavender is the color of creativity and spirituality. This nuance symbolizes the transition between day and night, between reality and imagination. In its depth, Lavender represents a touch of luxury and promotes an introspective atmosphere that encourages the development of inner strength and inspiration.

Lavender Yoga Spot


The color granite, with its subtle nuances, embodies calm and timeless elegance. In its restraint, it offers a neutral backdrop that creates space for contrasts and creative accents. This color symbolizes a silent power hidden in the darkness and gives any room a mysterious depth.

Granite yoga spot
Sensual Flow Comfort Yoga Mat - Deep Wild
Shavasana Blanket - Granite Muslin
Design yoga cushion - granite cord
Design Yoga Bolster - Granite Cord


The color Oat has an earthy, subtle nuance and carries the essence of nature. It symbolizes growth, stability and serenity. In its mix of green and brown, this color exudes a timeless elegance that is both calming and appealing.

Oat Yoga Spot