Our story

Through ups and downs since the end of 2017 – and we love it!

I am very happy to briefly introduce us to you and give you an insight into how OM YA came about and what we are about. We are Kristina and Malte, married and parents of three small children. We originally worked as IT consultants and graphic designers until the balancing act between family and job became too intense for us. In November 2017, on the beach in Kho Phangan, we decided to escape the hamster wheel and work independently, self-determined and location-independent in the future. We ourselves wanted more freedom and, above all, the opportunity to live a more mindful life. More time for the family and focus on yoga, health and mental balance. So we founded OM YA at the beginning of 2018.

Our philosophy.

We are the ones with self-love

Just like for ourselves, we want our customers to live a life with more peace, more mindfulness and more focus on their inner needs. Everyone has their own individual path to achieving more vitality. A lovingly designed “Metime” and the natural living out of it – without a guilty conscience. The time we take for ourselves gives us so much strength and positive energy and yet it is neglected far too often. We want to change that by using lovingly designed yoga goods to entice you into a healthy self-love routine. Whether that is yoga, Pilates or workouts is up to the needs of each individual. OM YA is never about performance or achievement, but always about the feeling of being connected to yourself. Everything is allowed, nothing has to. Always in balance with body and soul.

Our products.

Make it nice for yourself.

Our products are designed to help you create your place of self-love. A place where you can be yourself and integrate your own personal feel-good routine into your everyday life. This should be your retreat when things get too hectic outside. Our designs are inspired by the colors of nature, because nowhere else do we feel so grounded and connected to ourselves. We want to bring this feeling home to you.