Design Yoga Bolster - Cabana No. 2

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Design: Cabana No. 2
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Your yoga bolster is used to support and deepen certain yoga poses. It also serves to enable a gentle approach to stretching exercises and to adopt a comfortable posture during relaxation practices. The neck, back and torso areas in particular benefit greatly from the use of this aid.

You usually need your yoga bolster in yoga styles that focus on relaxation, regeneration and stress reduction. But the effect on your deep muscles should not be underestimated, for example with Yin Yoga. Here poses are held for several minutes with a yoga bolster gently supporting you. 

All OM YA Yoga Bolsters are handmade by us with love, are a useful tool for your yoga moments and are definitely a visual highlight on your OM YA yoga spot.

Design for your well-being

Our cushions are handmade using locally sourced materials.