For this you need your half-moon pillow.

Dafür brauchst du dein Halbmondkissen.

Your OM YA Design half-moon cushion with its semi-circular shape is a versatile aid that will greatly enrich your yoga practice. This yoga cushion supports you in many asanas, especially if you are still practicing them and your mobility is not yet advanced enough to hold the poses correctly without aids.

Yoga styles in which the crescent moon is often used:

In Hatha Yoga, the crescent cushion is often used to improve alignment in various asanas, such as sitting in meditation or supported backbends and forward bends.

Restorative yoga often uses this pillow shape to promote deep relaxation and regeneration by providing additional support in positions such as the lying backbend or crocodile pose.

In Yin Yoga, half-moon cushions are used to guide the body into deeper stretches, staying in the positions for longer periods of time to promote flexibility and release.

During Prenatal Yoga Half- moon pillows help pregnant women increase comfort during yoga practice, especially in positions that relieve pressure on the abdomen and support the back.

Yoga poses where half-moon cushions provide good support:

- Cross-legged or lotus position

Your OM YA Design Crescent Pillow offers a raised seat, which raises the hips and makes it easier to bring the feet close to the pelvis. It promotes an upright and stable sitting position as it supports the natural curvature of the spine, which improves alignment and comfort. Stretching and flexibility in the hip and leg muscles is improved as a result. The seat can be held for longer and more comfortably with a half-moon cushion. For example, during initial meditations before yoga practice.

Adho Mukha Svanasana
- Upward Facing Dog

Your OM YA Design Crescent Pillow helps deepen the stretch in the spine by slightly lifting the upper back and encouraging a gentle curve.

It allows you to have a more stable position by providing a supportive base for the hips and ribcage, which can be especially helpful if you find it difficult to hold your upper body in the pose on your own for long periods of time. It can also help you to deepen your breathing as it opens the ribcage slightly and creates space for deeper breathing.

- Lying backbend

Your OM YA Design Half Moon Pillow supports you in the lying backbend by lifting your upper back and promoting a gentle curve, which facilitates the stretching and opening of the chest. The pillow also provides a supportive base for your head and neck, which increases comfort and allows you to hold the position for longer.

- The Dove

To practice the pigeon pose, place your OM YA design half-moon cushion under your pelvis or your forward-stretched thigh. The cushion offers you pleasant support if your level of flexibility is not yet strong enough to hold this pose without any aids. This way, you can deepen the stretch in your hips and thighs over a longer period of time and improve your mobility and flexibility.

our recommendation

It is recommended to choose high-quality yoga cushions made of durable material that is firm enough to provide support, but soft enough to ensure comfort. This will help you take your yoga practice to the next level and develop a deeper understanding of your body and movements.

Our OM YA design half-moon pillows are lovingly hand-made in our studio near Hamburg and filled with spelt husks from the region. Just for you and your well-being. Take a look at our shop:


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