Transparency materials whose
Origin and characteristics.

Transparency materials whose Origin and characteristics.

OM YA – products

Material, production and our demands for continuous optimization.

We choose our products with a lot of love and care. In doing so, we take into account the sustainability aspects on an ecological, economic and social level as much as possible. Transparency in production, materials that are as natural as possible from renewable raw materials and durability play an important role in our product development. Through continuous research and adaptation in sustainability issues, we want to continuously optimize our standards and also find production partners in the future with whom we can create further premium quality Om Ya goods for you.

We should be aware that every purchase decision is an ecological one Leaves a footprint. That is why it is important to choose consciously and always strive for long-term use.d care.

Natural rubber

– used in our OM YA yoga mats

Natural rubber is a renewable, natural raw material that is resistant and therefore very durable. It is a rubber-like material that is produced without petroleum, because it is obtained from the rubber tree.
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By scratching the tree bark, a white rubber-like liquid, the latex, is released and caught in containers. Rubber trees can release latex over a very long period of time. They grow predominantly in Southeast Asia and in Central and South America. Unfortunately, the climate in our latitudes is not suitable for growing rubber. You can find rubber in products such as baby pacifiers, shoe soles, condoms, car tires and of course in yoga mats. Our yoga mats are also based on natural rubber grown in Southeast Asia. The company we have been with since 2018 Working closely and trustingly together means that the quality of the material is regularly checked according to EU standards and certified (RoHS). We chose this material because it is one of the most natural materials used for yoga mats. The structure gives the mat a firm and stable hold on the floor, the texture is hard-wearing and the yoga mats are therefore very durable. Sometimes the rubber has a somewhat rubbery odor, but it usually disappears quickly.


– used in our OM YA yoga mats

Microfibers are made from PET bottles using a recycling process. This means that recyclable materials that are already in circulation can continue to be used.
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Microfiber fabric is so dense that it keeps water droplets and wind out, but remains breathable. The fibers are particularly fine, very soft, crease-free and dry quickly. Because of these properties, they are not only often used in cleaning cloths, but also in outdoor and sportswear. For our yoga mats, they have the advantage that they are particularly hard-wearing and dimensionally stable. Due to the cavities between the fibers, moisture such as sweat is not stored within the fiber as is the case with cotton but only accumulates in the spaces between the fibers. So it can evaporate again quickly. The surface of the yoga mat does not get wet and slippery, but even improves its grip due to the slight moisture. Microfiber requires less water to manufacture than cotton.


– used for our OM YA yoga blocks

Cork is a natural raw material that comes off the best in its ecological balance through cultivation, mining and disposal.
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The cork oak grows in the Mediterranean area, i.e. Portugal, Spain, Sardinia, Tunisia or Morocco. Unfortunately, it is not hardy enough for our latitudes. The trees are not felled for the removal of cork, but only peeled. Thus can they are harvested for eight to twelve years. The trees are not damaged by the peeling process.

Our yoga blocks are made from Portuguese cork. The cork industry is a central part of the economy there. They also wear Cork oak forests contribute significantly to the fertility of the soil and they are an important habitat for many animal species. The look and feel of cork fits wonderfully into our range of yoga goods and the robust material meets our requirements of longevity completely.

Cotton canvas

– is used for yoga pillows, yoga bolsters and cotton bags

The main component of our textile goods is cotton canvas. Cotton is a natural fiber, renewable and biodegradable.

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We use cotton from certified companies.
But what does the certificates mean?
GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)– the certificate most frequently awarded for natural textiles stands for strict ecological criteria. These criteria relate to social and ecological standards along the entire supply chain. Various international organizations such as the German IVN, the English SA, the American OTA and the Japanese JOCA have teamed up to develop this seal that takes into account the entire textile chain of eco-textiles. On the one hand, products that carry the GOTS seal must consist of at least 70 percent organically produced natural fibers. On the other hand, it also means that a product is only GOTS certified when all businesses are certified “from the field to the shop”. However, since OM YA as a startup is not yet certified itself, we can only say that “our textile goods contain organic cotton GOTS certified companies ”, but not that the products themselves are GOTS certified. Obtaining the certificate ourselves is a process that we will strive for in the future. However, it is associated with effort and costs, so that he has to wait a little longer.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 – textiles with this seal are approved by the International Association for Research and Testing checked for possible pollutants, as well as environmentally friendly and socially acceptable production facilities.

Lieferkette – So far we have been sourcing our textiles materials from various suppliers around the world. We don’t have the ONE yet found with which we can cover everything. However, we always make sure that the companies are certified and that as many work steps as possible can be carried out in one place in order to avoid transport routes. A large part of the textitlen products is on site with us sewn and finished.

Filling material

– our pillows and bolsters are filled with spelled husks from the Hamburg region.

Our pillows and pillows are made with the pods of the spelled grain processes. An elastic and political filling material.

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We will believe and lost ourselves from a certain company from the Hamburg region that the husk is dust-free and well stored in paper bags are accessible to us.

Packing material and shipping

– will try as little as possible, as much as necessary.

We currently use recycled paper and craft paper. We use vegan variants for stickers and easy-to-remove ones for our adhesive film Paper tapes or water-active sealing strips.

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The protective coating on the yoga mats has just been changed from foil to paper. For our print products, we pay attention to the most natural possible types of paper and we pay one for each print CO2 equalization tax. We send our packages with DHL GoGreen.


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