made of natural rubber and microfiber

design yoga mat

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1.0 mm thickness | 1.2 kg weight
61 x 183 cm size

3.5 mm thickness | 2.8 kg weight
61 x 183 cm size

The base of the Om Ya Design yoga mats is made of natural rubber, the solid and grippy structure of which ensures that they are safe and stable on the floor. The surface texture is a layer of microfiber. It has a pleasantly soft feel, absorbs moisture and sweat well, so that no additional towel is necessary. A resin-based coating was applied to give the surface a grip.

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Our design yoga mats are made of natural rubber. This gives them a stable, non-slip position on the floor. The surface is made of microfiber.
This material is pleasantly soft, absorbs sweat well, so you don’t have to use an extra towel. The feel is optimized by an anti-slip surface.It gives you even more grip on your mat. The feel is optimized by an anti-slip surface.It gives you even more grip on your mat.

Comfort or travel

Whether you need a comfort mat or a travel mat depends entirely on whether you travel a lot. If you like to take your design yoga mat with you a lot because you go to the yoga studio after work, if you travel a lot and like to have your own yoga mat with you, then the travel mat is definitely the right companion for you. However, we recommend the comfort mat as a basis for your daily yoga sessions at home or in the studio. It is 3.5 mm thick and offers you good padding for your asanas.


Natural rubber is a renewable and organic raw material that is grown in Southeast Asia and South America. Compared to synthetic rubber it does not contain petroleum or other chemicals. Due to its natural composition, it is well suited for use in products that come into contact with the skin. Its robust nature makes it hard-wearing and durable. The microfiber is made from recycled PET bottles. Thus, part of the material for our design yoga mats was developed from plastics that are already in circulation. The printing inks are water-based, the anti-slip surface coating is resin-based.

Wash & care

Your new design yoga mat and you should now spend a lot of time together, so treat it well so that it stays beautiful for a long time. To protect natural materials such as natural rubber and the resin-based coating from drying out, it is best to use the mat bag and roll it in after use. Avoid placing them near a heater or leaving them in the sun for a long time.
To get rid of dust and hair you can rub them off with a rough gardening glove, vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner is also a good option.
So that it doesn’t get so dusty in the first place, it’s best to roll it up like this: Fold it in the middle so that the microfiber surface lies on top of one another and then roll it up.
You can occasionally wash your design yoga mat in the washing machine on a cold delicate cycle. Use a very light detergent for this.
Air dry them. Please do not use a dryer and do not hang it in direct sunlight, otherwise the rubber will lose its grip.

Long-term continued use

Even if at some point you no longer want to use your yoga mat for its original purpose, you can use it for many things.
As a picnic blanket, camping mat, play blanket, doormat, dog blanket, knee pad for gardening and and and. There are actually no limits to the versatile use of a rubber mat. Long-term use also means sustainability.


Every yogi has his own preferences when it comes to the materiality of his yoga mat. It is important to us that you are satisfied and can work well with your design yoga mat.
That’s why we have a 2-week right of return if you are not 100 % satisfied. Please note, however, that you have to pay for the postage for your return yourself.



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